Changing Capture Resolution to 1280x720


I’m using DriveOS version and Driveworks version 2.2 to capture video from gmsl cameras in the Pegasus dev kit. Using driveworks api I’m successfully creating a sensor using dwSAL_createSensor, starting the sensor with dwSensor_start, and creating a serializer with dwSensorSerializer_initialize. I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the capture resolution from the default 1920x1208 to 1280x720, somewhere in this process or by adding a step with either NvMedia or CUDA or something else?


Dear @aarong
Is it ok to resize the capture image. You can check Image Transformation module in DW(
DriveWorks SDK Reference: Image Transformation Interface)

Say I want to use dwImageTransformation_copyFullImage to resize the capture image as you suggest. How can I then use the serializer? Currently I’m using dwSensorSerializer_serializeCameraFrame to send data across the network by implementing a callback in my serializer paramters. Is there a way to do so with a dwImageHandle_t object?

Dear @aarong,
So your usecase is to get the captured image data in specific size and send to another process?

That is correct

Dear @aarong ,
dwImagehandle_t does not callback function like in Serializer.
You need to get the image, use Image transformation and use ImageStreamer to send it another process.

Dear @aarong ,
Do you have any queries furthur?