Changing csi camera properties while running deepstream pipline

How can I change csi camera (nvarguscamerasrc) properties like aelock, exposure while running deepstream pipline on the XavierNX.

hello yaniv.nahum,

you cannot configure exposure values while AE lock enabled; could you please share the actual use-case for reference,
there’s Argus sample code you may check for your implementation.
for example,
there’s API to configure exposure values, iSourceSettings->setExposureTimeRange()

you may also check Jetson Linux API Reference for the documentation,

Hi Jerry,
I’m aware I can’t change exposure while aelocked.
I changed the camera source bin to disable the aelock:
g_object_set (G_OBJECT (bin->src_elem), “aelock”, FALSE, NULL);

I’ll check the jetson_multimedia_api now.
will it work while the deepstream pipeline is running?
Is there an option to set ROI rect for auto exposure?

please check this discussion thread for using AE region, thanks