Changing Default Pkey on QM8700 / ConnectX-6 Cards

Does anyone know how to change the Default Pkey in idx0 from 0x7FFF on the MLNX-OS switches such as the QM8700?

Is there also a way of being able to change the default Pkey per host? We’re in a situation where we want to separate traffic between two different classes of hosts whilst maintaining a common Pkey for communication to storage of which the hosts are Partial members.

We’d hope that there’s no need to use UCX_IB_PKEY for user applications, rather akin to VLANs having each node class by default use a different Pkey for their communication to separate that traffic (we’re hoping to later use QoS too) and the Storage Pkey being default, but if the environment variable is not set, not having data traverse the common Storage Pkey.


Hi There,

You can define a new partition as needed. But you’re not recommended to change the Default Pkey since it’s usually used as a management partition.
For more details, please check the below link:


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