Changing EEPROM component for Jetson Nano Carrier Board?

Hey there,

We’re in the process of manufacturing our own edge devices, powered by Jetson Nano, but there are supply chain concerns around a couple of the components in the Reference design (the Dev Kit), we have a couple ideas that I’m hoping you guys would be able to shed some light on:

Here are the parts we are looking to replace.

The Reference design specifies this part:

            AT24C02D-MAHM-T       Microchip Technology


Alternative Part we’re looking at:

            AT34C04-X5M-T                Microchip Technology


Our concern here is that the reference part has 2K worth of memory, whereas the alternative has 4K. This could have impacts on page sizes, and a few other areas of operation. Our program is built in Python and sits in Docker containers, so we do not have access to low-level memory management, and rely on Jetpack (the OS) for the low-level management.

So my question is thus:
Will changing the EEPROM component specs affect Jetpack, or can I go ahead with swapping the component?

Any help here would be MASSIVELY appreciated :)


Hi, we don’t have recommendation on this as it is not validated on devkit. But in general, changing EEPROM should be no problem if you can w/r it correctly. So better to check its datasheet or check with vendor for anything should be noted. For nano, it is just a I2C device attached.

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