Changing frame rate between streaming sessions

I’m doing some testing with the Oculus Quest 2 streaming sample client and changing the FPS in the headset from 90 to 120 and back. Concurrent with this I’m modifying the fps parameter in the cxrDeviceDesc that is being used when creating the receiver. I’m seeing behavior that I don’t understand, so I have some questions:

  • If I start SteamVR on the server and connect with, say 90fps in the client, I can see that the refresh rate in the SteamVR settings is 90Hz. If I then quit the client, and change it to 120fps and reconnect to the server, SteamVR still shows 90fps. Should it be changing to the new fps in the client? It only seems to change if I also restart SteamVR.

  • If I start SteamVR and then connect with a client configured for 120fps, I see 120fps in the SteamVR settings, but in the server streamer log file (in ~/AppData/Local/NVIDIA/CloudXR/Log) the output says that the max frame rate is 90fps. Does this mean that the streamer is only transmitting 90 fps?

  • How can I tell what the actual frame rate in the network stream is?

These are all tests being done with a version 2.0 server and client. Does v2.1 change any of this behavior?

Thanks in advance!

Dynamic FPS changes to the server are not currently supported, so yes you’ll need to restart the server when you change that on the client.

I think the 90fps in the log MIGHT just be incorrect. I’m not sure if it shows up in the normal logs otherwise (though it may in verbose logging).

The qos trace I believe gives estimated framerate.

And I don’t believe 2.1 impacted any of the above, though the traces/logs may have been improved.