Changing frequency on spesified core which in GPU

Is it possible to set the frequency of spesific core in GPU? like doing “per core” DVFS

Hello @ezgi.alisan , While it is possible to control the frequency of specific cores in a CPU, doing so for a GPU is typically more challenging. Most GPUs don’t support “per core” dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) in the same way CPUs do. The reason is that GPUs are designed with a more parallel architecture, meaning that they usually have many more cores, which work together to perform tasks. As a result, manufacturers optimize the power and performance settings across the entire GPU, rather than individually for each core.

However, you can often adjust the overall frequency and voltage of the GPU to achieve better performance or power efficiency. This process is known as overclocking or undervaluing, depending on your goals. Keep in mind that doing so may void the warranty and cause potential instability or damage to your GPU, so it’s essential to proceed with caution and research your specific GPU model before attempting any changes.

In summary, adjusting the frequency of specific cores in a GPU is not generally possible, as most GPUs don’t support “per core” DVFS like CPUs do. However, you can tweak the overall frequency and voltage of your GPU for performance or power efficiency improvements, bearing in mind the associated risks.

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Thankss a lot!! @thedollarshop01