Changing HDMI colorspace


Nvidia shield tv seems to support 3 differents color space on HDMI (RGB 8-bit Rec. 709, YUV 422 12-bit Rec. 709 and YUV 444 8-bit Rec. 709)

In my application, I would like to change dynamically this color space settings.
However, I didn’t find which API I need to use to get access to this parameter.

To change Hdmi output resolution I’m already using attributes and preferredDisplayModeId on current Window but I didn’t find any color space settings.

Could anyone can help me, please?

There are actually many more combinations than that, depending on the TV – as you can have YUV420 modes, and you can have Rec 2020 color space. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge there is no API yet in android for requesting any kind of color space/mode changes.

I’d be interested to know the particular use case you are trying to enable in an application, that needs to be able to switch low level display modes like that. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to discuss further.