Changing kernel boot arguments without flashing


It might be a very stupid question, but I didn’t find any solution:

Can I add a kernel boot argument to a TX1 installation wihtout re-flashing?

I currently have no direct access to the TX1 in question, since it is tightly integrated in a deep-sea pressure housing, which I really don’t want to open for a small test.

It depends on the release. However, most current releases imply you have to flash the device tree.

In a case where the system is remote there may be a possibility of creating a signed device tree and then overwriting the partition with the tree remotely. The down side is that if it fails, then the unit will fail to boot until the device tree is flashed with the USB recovery mode using direct physical access.

There are a few rare command line arguments which might still work from extlinux.conf if the arguments are not required to boot (the argument could be ignored, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try for non-boot argument testing). Can you give details on which release you are using, and what command line arguments you are interested in? Do you have a second TX1 you can test on locally first?