Changing pinmux between UART1/UART2


Currently we want our Nano to communicate with an external microcontroller thru the UART2_TX/RX (pins 236,238) lines. Unfortunately, we have used UART1_TX/RX (pins 203,205) lines in our PCB that’s already been made.

We will create a new PCB with this wiring change, but in the mean time I want to change the pinmux to swap the two sets of UARTs lines.

Unfortunately on the pinmux config template provided by NVIDIA (please see picture below), it doesn’t give me the option to change UART2 to UART1, supposedly because they’re in different groups on GPIO/SFIO. I cannot manually type the values either, because there are only a few values the Excel cells can accept.

Can you please explain if and how we change the pinmux accordingly?

hello kevin.choi,

you may access Nano Product Design Guide, please check chapter-11.3 for the details of Jetson Nano UARTs.
please also check similar discussion thread, Topic 109102 for reference,