Changing the colour of CUDA code's highlight in Nsight Eclipse Edition.

An example of my problem:
Basically I’m using a dark theme (Moonlight UI for Eclipse), however it seems that there is no way that I found to change the colour in which CUDA code is highlighted in. Couldn’t find any information using Google, maybe someone here has any ideas.

Since apparently Eclipse reads colours from system for some things - The fact that I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 with Ambiance dark red from might be useful. CUDA Toolkit’s version is 7.5.

I have the same problem and it is not link with the colour system.

I think the problem is perhaps the theme is not design for cuda language ?

I too had this problem. Seems it is caused by “Device Code Highlighting.” This can be turned off with Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> Editor -> Syntax Coloring -> Elements: Cuda C -> Device Code Highlighting.


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