Changing the NVIDIA Configuration via Script

We have decided to modify the NVIDIA 3D Global Presets for our users to enable “Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming”. We have a little more than 100 users that we need to change this for and am asking if there is a method to performing this task through a script.

We currently have the following environment:

  • Windows 7 (64b)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

We normally disseminate applications through a deployment process that will automatically update or install an application on their VDI profile. We would also like to do this with NVIDIA’s setting change. Is there a configuration file that holds this attribute? Do you have a better recommendation to perform this task?

Thank you for your help on this matter!

FYI: Incident: 170418-000172

I truly hope someone will help me on this matter. I was informed that we have close to 200 users on workstations that hold the GRID K2 card

To help you understand our environment:

Our desktop’s are HP Z520 Desktop’s with Nvidia graphics card [GRID K2]. This card is outside the VM and local on the desktop. The card driver is what we need to upgrade.

We don’t expect your team to write a full script, but to guide us on what we need to do to get this upgrade task done. We have software developers that can help get this done on our part, just need help on how to begin.


Sorry - type
Desktops are HPZ850 Workstations