CHANNELS of Substance regarding Anisotropy are not applied to Create after Live-Link

Hi, I’m investigating SubStance 3D Painter Connector and we encountered one issue.

CHANNELS of Substance regarding Anisotropy are not applied to Create after Live-Link.
I’m unclear whether this is because of Anisotropy or other reasons but at least
Hair line created by Anisotropy filter is disappeared.


  • Windows 10
  • Nucleus : 2022.2.0
  • Cache : 2022.2.0
  • Create : 2022.1.5
  • Substance Connector : 102.1.72
  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter : 8.1.1


  1. Open sample project “PreviewSphere.cpp”.
  2. Save As other project like Sample1.spp. ( To avoid Read Only right )
  3. ReOpen Sample1.spp by Substance 3D.
  4. Open Omniverse Create
    Set “Create Materials” Active in “Painter Live Link” window.
  5. Select “Enable-Link” by Substance.
  6. Select “Export Mesh to Omniverse”.
    => Model and textures are sent to Create.
  7. Select “Export Environmental Map”
    => Model is shown brightly.
  8. As the result, model is sent to Create and textures are applied correctly.
    But the looking are different from the original.
    From my investigation, if we delete “Anisotropy level” and “Anisotropy angle”
    in “CHANNELS” of Substance, created image in Substance becomes almost the same as Create.
    (( I feel not only Anisotropy, others are also different from original )

My understanding is that “CHANNELS” setting in “TEXTURE SET SETTINGS” of Substance
will be initialized by OmniPBR material but OmniPBR does not have settings regarding Anisotropy.
OmniSurface has Anisotropy settings.

OmniPBR is used for the Material and we have no choice for the Material in Substance 3D.

So as the result, Connector for Substance 3D painter cannot handle Anisotropy or no?
We cannot find about Anisotropy from Know issues of the connector of Substance 3D painter.
We wanto to make clear about the limitations like vRAY.


Masahiro Suzuoki


Unfortunately the Substance 3D Painter Connector doesn’t support the export of Anisotropy. This is limited by the two export presets that are currently supported by the 3D Painter Connector. The two supported presets are PBR Metallic Roughness and Unreal Engine 4 (Packed). Both of these presets export Color and Opacity in a single texture, Roughness, Metallic, Normal, Height, and Emissive maps. The two are the same except that one packs Occlusion, Roughness, and Metallic into one texture.

Also, OmniPBR in Create does not have an anisotropic parameter to support Anisotropy exported from Painter.

We are planning to support more export presets in future updates.


Thank you for the answer.
I understood that Substance 3D Painter Connector does not support the export of Anisotorpy now.
As you mentioned currently we can select both OmniPBR Metallic Roughness or
Unreal Engine 4 (Packed) and OmniPBR does not have the parameter regarding

We will wait for further updates.


Masahiro Suzuoki / CTC