Character animation issues

Is it even possible to use this app for character animation at all? I dropped fbx file that works perfectly in motionbuilder, unity and 3dsmax, but in the Machinima all the animationis distorted and blendshapes arent working at all. I didnt find any settings I can tweak to fix anything.

By using Character Creator, I have managed to start animating pretty easily.

Is this a no-go solution for you? Do you want to use custom characters?

Hello @Aqualonix! Would you be able to attach a copy of your logs? It may show where the errors are occurring so that I can help troubleshoot the issue. You can find them here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Machinima

Also, Machinima is getting a huge animation overhaul and it is days away from the newest release.

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