Character behavior scripts in anim.people not applied when starting in standalone simulation

I am trying to animate people using anim.people in a standalone simulation. My final goal would be to use the tool like discussed in this forum discussion).
But even when first starting the simulation first, stoping it and adding the people using the GUI, the characters are loaded correctly (and the animation scripts are applied), but the character behavior ( is never executed and the humans are therefore never moving

python code:

from omni.isaac.kit import SimulationApp

simulation_app = SimulationApp({"headless": False})

from omni.isaac.core import World
from omni.isaac.core.utils.nucleus import get_assets_root_path
import carb
from omni.isaac.core.utils.extensions import enable_extension


my_world = World(stage_units_in_meters=1.0)

assets_root_path = get_assets_root_path()
if assets_root_path is None:
    carb.log_error("Could not find Isaac Sim assets folder")



i = 0
while simulation_app.is_running():
    if my_world.is_playing():
        if my_world.current_time_step_index == 0:


Am I missing something?

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If the same is tested on the newest update (isaac sim 2023.1.0), I at least get an error

 <class 'pxr.Tf.ErrorException'> 
	Error in 'pxrInternal_v0_22__pxrReserved__::UsdPrim::HasAPI' at line 170 in file /buildAgent/work/ac88d7d902b57417/USD/pxr/usd/usd/prim.cpp : 'HasAPI: provided schema type ( AnimGraphSchemaAnimationGraphAPI ) is not an applied API schema type.'

full error log:
error.txt (8.5 KB)

@wueestry we are looking into this issue
in the meantime, can you please try editing:


and adding these two lines around line 206 or so

"omni.anim.graph.schema" = {}
"omni.anim.navigation.schema" = {}

And then run your script again


Hi @Hammad_M
Has there been any update on having a standalone script for human simulation?