Character Controller Contact Flicker

Hello, I was having some problems with my character skipping a few frames every now and then, so I started the visual debugger, and I found that there’s something messy going on - the character flickers when moving, here’s a video:

And I’ve attached a PVD file of the simulation in the video here.

I’m using these parameters for the capsule controller:

PxCapsuleControllerDesc desc;
	desc.height = mEntity->getBoundingBox().getSize().y;
	desc.contactOffset = 0.05f; // Originally had it lower, raising it didn't seem to do much.
	desc.position = PxExtendedVec3(position.x, position.y, position.z);
	desc.radius = mEntity->getBoundingRadius()*0.4;
	desc.slopeLimit = cosf(Ogre::Math::DegreesToRadians(45.0f));
	desc.upDirection = PxVec3(0, 1, 0);
	desc.stepOffset = 0.01f;
	desc.material = mLevel->getDefaultPxMaterial();

I’m lost as to what the problem might be…

Fixed, seems that I was updating my character controller at a variable framerate, while PhysX ran at a fixed framerate.

hey exactly how did you set the character controller update to a fixed framerate if you don’t mind me asking? because i am having that exact same problem.