Character Eye and Eye brow issues

Hi @WendyGram. Thank you for the help you give. I have an issue with my character. Everytime I bring in my character with motionplus animations from character creator 3 via USD, the characters eyebrows do not move but the rest of the animations (hands, body, mouth work). Only the eyebrows don’t work. The 2nd issue is the characters eyes are black soon as they are exported. See attached.

Can you help me wit this please? I have I have a zephyrus duo se15 rtx3070 with a ryzen 9 cpu

Also another issue I am having with every character I transfer from character creator 3 is the hair dissapears when I use RealTime Mode and then it reappears when I use Pathtraced mode. See attached pathtraced shows hair and reatime makes hair dissapear… Please help with this if possible because I need the hair to show in RealTime mode too.

For eyes, please select the cornea/eye geometry and disable “Cast shadows.”

I’m not sure about the hair. It might be related to the material. What if you apply an OmniPBR material to the hair geometry?

Hi @shalmzb, for the hair issue,
are the material of the hair using “OmniHair”, if so
could you find the material with “OmniHair”,
change the “opacity image alpha” mode to alpha default


and for the black eye issue, in my case, I also have to uncheck the "shadow terminator fix"

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Hi @shalmzb

the characters eyebrows do not move

eyebrows animation is blendshape
could you check in the edit➔preference➔UsdSkel➔Enable blendshape is checked or not?
If not, could you enable it and try again?

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Thank you for this. It has fixed the hair problem and the eye problem

Regarding the eyebrow issue, I have seen what the issue was. In Iclone, they have an upgraded eyebrow option called ‘ExPlus Eyebrows’. If I create facials using this the eyes and eyebrows don’t work in omniverse. The eyes and eyebrows only work in Omniverse if I am using the normal old version eyebrow editor in Iclone, not the upgrade ‘Explus’ new version Iclone has.

I hope this helps

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And this is all with blendshapes enabled in omniverse by the way. So the issue seems to be in using either the new version ‘Explus’ facial editor in iclone7. Omniverse doesn’t seem to recognise this new version. But it recognises the normal iclone 7 eyebrow editor facials

Here is a screenmunch of the facial editor in iclone

Hi @shalmzb,

Could you please provde this iclone project that included the facial animation?
I made the facial aniamtion via the Face Puppet > Explus Profile (eg. 01C_ExPlus Brows, 01E_ExPlusMouth) and export usd to Omniverse, the blendshape animation works.

You can also go to Reallusion Feedback Tracker and provide the download link in private post.


I reinstalled reallusion after seeing a post saying that might be the problem. The eyebrows now show some movement in omniverse, but whats followed is random head movements that are not part of what the Iclone animation is doing. See attached 2 examples. In the Iclone version that I animated, you see the characters head is subtly moving and it is moving precisely to the words he is saying. In the Omniverse version, instead of the same animation after transferring USD, the characters head there is moving in all directions and looking everywhere which is not the same as the animation in iclone. Blendershapes are on in Omniverse. So what could be making the character in Omniverse move differently to the character in Iclone even though it is the same animation? Thank you