Character Transfer Presets

Hey Question on the character transfer presets. I see how to use it, but when you mention things such as Reallusion Character presets…

I guess my question is if I were to create a character using the now discontinued Adobe Fuse, where every character generated has the same UV layout, do I need to create a preset for each character generated, or because they have the same UV layout Audio2Face is smart enough to know how to apply the same preset to each of the characters generated in Adobe Fuse?

Hi, and thanks for the question - I’ll look into this!


P.S. We add new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see: NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer).

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I will check with the team and get you the link for the Preset Tutorial.

I’m not familiar with Adobe Fuse, but you’ll only need to save one preset file if the characters created from the App are sharing the same point order. So once you save the preset, you can just load the same file onto another character.
The other workflow would still apply where we recommend separated using head mesh for A2F.

In the case of Reallusion CC, the exporter in latest CC provide a A2F friendly mesh (already cut out and compatible with the built-in presets shipped with Audio2Face)
Feel free to ping me if you have further question regarding Presets :)

Hi @andrewbrianis ,
Here is the link to the Presets tutorial : Audio2Face - Character Transfer - Part 7: Presets | NVIDIA On-Demand