Characters from iClone 7.93 lose their materials in Create 3.0

Hi there,

When I import my USD characters into Create 3.0, the materials all come up as red - it says that “OmniReallusionEye.mdl (for example) cannot be loaded”. I exported these characters from iClone 7.93 and they have worked in all the previous versions of Create, except for the issue of badly aligned UV that I mentioned in another thread. If the method for treating CC characters has changed, is it still possible to import my old characters?

Thanks very much in advance

Hello @jamestabbush! I have been seeing this happen with some of our recent drivers. What is your current GPU / GPU Driver?

Hi @WendyGram, I have a GeForce RTX 3060Ti, driver version 516.94

Just to add, I’ve updated the nvidia driver to version 527.56, and the issue is still present. I can import these characters with their materials into Create or Machinima v2.1, but not v3 or 3.1

Hi there, I have updated to iClone 8, still the same issue, except for one bit of hair, weirdly. I attach my log file. Please get back to me, as this is quite crucial for my workflow! Thanks
error log 29 jan.txt (1.4 MB)

Oh, and this time when I exported USD from iClone 8, I checked “export pose” but the pose was not exported. Not sure if there was anything else I needed to do, on either end.

I use latest CC 4.2 and iClone 8.2 and they export just ok to create 2023.3.3 and also to Machinima 2022.3.0

I have A6000 GPU ( not ada, last year model )
Nvidia driver ver 528.49
Win 10