Charger control pin.


My carrier board doesn’t designe battery for system power(only AC power), should I implement these charger control pins or leave these pins NC? (ACOK, CHARGING, LOW_BAT, CHG_OC_L, BAT_DET_L, TYPEC_INT, CHG_BD_PRSNT_L)

Which documents have described these charger control signal behavior?

Hi Brandon, leaving them NC is OK, you can refer to this doc in DLC:

Hi Trumany,
What’s gonna be happened if TX2 doesn’t receive ACOK when CHARGER_PRSNT# isn’t active low?
My carrier board doesn’t develop battery, so I don’t have charger、fuel gauge and power monitor in use. How do I connect these battery signals?(Table 1. Battery Based System Control Signals)

Leaving these signals NC is OK.