Chat with RTX and Data

I had no problem with the install but I have a couple questions it would be nice to know if anyone can answer:

  1. When you change dataset, does AI knowledge and training prior just disappear?
    I ask this because I changed to a dataset of 1000 documents and all answers were just quoted directly from a specific document, did not seem to do any analysis of data.

  2. Can you leave default dataset intact and still feed the AI docs spreadsheets pdfs or whatever data? If so how I cannot seem to find a way to do it unless it is done via scripts?

  3. It would be nice if they or we found a way for Chat with RTX to retain a conversation instead of having to re ask questions either over and over or figuring how the exact order in which to ask a series of questions to get to the desired result. I get everyone is afraid of the Evil AI taking over but until they can retain a conversation they literally will be nothing more then chatbots.

  4. anyway to feed Chat with RTX an external source from a website or the like, like I can do with Chatgpt and

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Nvidia Chat with RTX is just a demo.

  1. Yes disappears
  2. You click on the reset button, top right dataset box.
  3. It is just a demo.
  4. Some videos show entering a YouTube url, but I do not have that choice in the drop-down
    I only get choose a folder or AI Model Default choice
    Running 3.5
    So far unimpressed, potential is there but…
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