Chat with rtx Failed to generate inference engine when folder path includes chinese character

In Chat with RTX, I select a folder path which has chinese characters such as c:\中文目录, it returns error:
AppData\Local\NVIDIA\ChatWithRTX\RAG\trt-llm-rag-windows-main\", line 149, in generate_inferance_engine
raise RuntimeError(f"Unable to generate the inference engine: {e}")
RuntimeError: Unable to generate the inference engine: Error in __cdecl faiss::FileIOWriter::FileIOWriter(const char *) at D:\a\faiss-wheels\faiss-wheels\faiss\faiss\impl\io.cpp:98: Error: ‘f’ failed: could not open C:\中文目录_vector_embedding\default__vector_store.json for writing: No such file or directory