cheap case 4 Jetson K1


Im looking for cheap and good looking case / chassis / enclosure for Jetson K1.


If you have a 3D printer available, I designed a nice one you can print:


Doy have a project (DXF or etc) to laser cutter for ITX/ATX back plate for Jetson K1 ?
ex. for other motherboards :

PS. I found the crystal Case : but i dont understand this language ;(


My parts are all in 3D, so I don’t have a DXF file, sorry.

I do include 3D STEP files as part of the youmagine download, so if you have a CAD program that can load them, you can get all the dimensions you need to create a 2D drawing for a back plate.


Ok. Please put the url for Your 3d model
I would try make a back plate and put it into github


ok, my mistake ;) i see the url for case

At ArrayFire, We got a couple of custom cases made by