Cheap GTX 260 : $149 new!

No, I usually wouldn’t advertise some random online deal, but NewEgg happens to have some crazy special on GTX 260s for only $149. With free shipping, even.

This is not a bad card to fill some of your empty PCIe slots with, and the compute/$ it offers is huge. (Think of it as this being 1/2 of a GTX295, and those go for $500 each)

No, I’m not related to NewEgg nor do I get any kind of commission. I apologize for even mentioning such a thing, but it really is an opportunity to add some cheap power to a box.

It is a bit less than that - the GTX260 has only got either 192 or 216 cores, depending on the stepping you get. But it is a lot of card for the money, no doubt about it.

And… they’re now sold out.

I got one, but now wish I had bought a couple more.

In Europe these things start at 120 Euros (e.g. the Zotac brand)

But I am currently more interested in a graphics card with 2GB of memory (~300 Euros). It’s overkill for gaming, but ideal for CUDA.