Checking dummy/actual argument count and type in F90?

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a compiler option that will check the count and type of dummy/actual arguments for subroutine/function/method calls in the PGI HPF/F90 compiler products? The IBM AIX Fortran compilers had such a feature and it was most useful for debugging. As it stands now, a typo or other simple error can result in a very difficult to find bug. I have tried -Mdepchk and -Mdclchk and well as trying -Mipa - but the limited documentation for the ipa compiler option doesn’t seem to match what is actually in the compiler - at least for 5.1-3/5.2-4 which is what I am using at the moment.



Hi David,

As of yet we do not have this feature. However, we are investigating ways to improve PGI’s Fortran error diagnostics using IPA. TKR (Type, Kind, Rank) matching is one area that would help a lot of us. If all goes well, we should have this available in a future release.