Checking GPU Mode in ESXi_6.5_Host_Driver


I got two m60’s delivered this week and wanted to check the gpu mode so ran the command below in esxi 6.5

lspci –n | grep 10de

which returned nothing

is this a bug with the new drivers ? all other commands re nvidia returned info

or am i doing something wrong ?


in this instance i had to install gpumodeswitch just to find out they shipped in graphics mode which was what i was after lol


Hi Shaun,

why should this be an issue with the NV drivers? lspci is a linux command and has nothing to do with NV drivers.
BTW it works fine for me with ESX 6.5. And for sure this command makes no difference if you installed vGPU manager or not.
In addition all Tesla M60s delivered since end of 2016 are already in Graphics mode. There are also other ways to check if the board is in Graphics mode:

And here the documentation that states that the M60 should already be in Graphics mode:
NVIDIA Tesla M10 ships and support graphics mode only.
NVIDIA Tesla M60 ships in graphics mode but supports both graphics and compute modes.

Hope this helps to clarify

regards Simon