Checkpointed Content on Disk

Hi, I was reading the [Version Control Documentation] (Version Control — Omniverse Nucleus documentation) and was looking for some further information about how checkpoints are stored on disk for recover and redundancy purposes.
I understand all checkpoints can be downloaded, which is super handy, but in the case where I delete a checkpoint, what is actually happening?

Are checkpoints iterative saves of a .USD file on the nucleus server? Is the latest version loaded using the USD Asset Resolution plugin?

Some further direction on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Nucleus paths, by default, always point to the current path and checkpoints are only referenced when explicitly pointed to.
Checkpoints are iterative saves (or can be created on demand) in Nucleus. However, checkpoints do not always make a copy of the file. Nucleus deduplicates content under the hood, so a checkpoint may just be metadata referencing content other checkpoints reference.
When you delete a checkpoint, that metadata is deleted, and the content is also deleted if nothing else is referencing it.

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