child process exit with signal 2: pgnvd.exe


I am not able to build any of the CUDA-Fortran sample codes from the Fortran-Book directory on PGI 15.7 compiler as I’m getting the error:

child process exit with signal 2: C:\PROGRA~1\PGI\win64\15.7\bin\pgnvd.exe

At first I thought it was something to do with remote desktop as I was accessing the desktop from home, but even when present the error still appears. I have tried restarting the machine, but it doesn’t help. The problem has been mentioned in forums online, but I haven’t seen a solution to it so far…

Is it a compatibility issue or something else, and does anyone know how I could fix it?

Thank you,


I recommend several things.

  1. Use the current Community Edition (17.4) for Windows,
    if you do not have access to the current 17.5 edition, or the upcoming
    17.7 edition.
    has the free Community Edition, which has the same properties and features as the professional Edition.

I have tried the Community Edition and the examples build okay.

I did first copy the directory out of ‘C:\Program Files’ into my area
so that I could create executables.

  1. Learning how to program GPUs using CUDA from Fortran is comfortable for users who have programmed in CUDA C, but can
    be difficult for people with no CUDA C experience. If you do not have
    CUDA C knowledge, I recommend OpenACC.

  2. Programming GPUs is a great skill to have, but you should keep
    the tools (CUDA VERSIONs, compilers, libs, etc) you use current, so that what seems like correct programming, works correctly.

  3. If you do not have newer GPUs, you can compile in CUDA Fortran
    and OpenACC so that it runs on your CPUs. But having newer CPUs
    that can support newer CUDA Versions is always a plus.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply.
I got the sample codes working with the setup of latest programmes: Windows 10 SDK + VS 2015 + PGI 17.4 Community Edition. Thanks for the suggestion about keeping things up to date, it’s a valuable lesson.

The reason I created this post is that everything used to work just fine, all the sample codes and my CUDA Fortran codes, but then after some while suddenly I can’t build my CUDA Fortran codes, not even the simple PGI CUDA sample codes. I’ve seen the

child process exit with signal 2: C:\PROGRA~1\PGI\win64\15.7\bin\pgnvd.exe

error before, when trying to run my CUDA code using Windows Remote Desktop Connection so I thought it was something to do with that, but maybe not. I haven’t really changed anything, just had GPU driver updates and Windows updates so I don’t quite understand why it wasn’t working anymore.


If you wish to determine what your 15.7 license fails to work,
send the license file you are using, along with the outputs of

  1. pgaccelinfo
    to see what GPU hardware you have

  2. lmutil lmdiag
    hit a couple of times, and this should tell you which license
    file is being read. to break out.

  3. ps ax |grep lmgrd
    to see if the license service is running.

  4. Send the C:\Program Files\PGI\flexlm\license.log
    file which should contain info on what went wrong.

  5. Also send the output of
    ipconfig /all
    which indicate what network devices you have.

If you would rather not share this info with the Forum, email your
info to