Chinese Chess Help

I play chinese chess,and as research on the internet,i know that titianxp has the deep learning and AI …
That is what i really need.
So idecided to buy tititan xp.But when i get it home,i dont know how to activate the deep learning.(i am not the developer),so can you list me and give me link to all the software and show me step by step how to activate it?
I play chinse chess with software (chess software) and my pc is 2699v4x2 + 128 gb memory ddr4 and titianxp
Moreover,if you have any software to activate the AI and Deep Learning in Chinese Chess,please send me because i am not a programmer so i can not do anything with the code.

Please help me.!

This forum is for users of the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) NGC is primarily for developers and doesn’t have any applications for Chinese chess. Sorry.