Chinese Chess Help

I play chinese chess,and as research on the internet,i know that titianxp has the deep learning and AI …
That is what i really need.
So idecided to buy tititan xp.But when i get it home,i dont know how to activate the deep learning.(i am not the developer),so can you list me and give me link to all the software and show me step by step how to activate it?
I play chinse chess with software (chess software) and my pc is 2699v4x2 + 128 gb memory ddr4 and titianxp
Moreover,if you have any software to activate the AI and Deep Learning in Chinese Chess,please send me because i am not a programmer so i can not do anything with the code.

Please help me.!

I am afraid you are missing a bunch of steps in the process.

I am fond of car analogies. Your question is akin to “I bought an expensive tank full of compressed nitrous oxide. Can you give me step by step instruction how I can use that to accelerate my compact car (I know nothing about the mechanics of automobiles).”

(1) What application are you currently using to play Chinese Chess against the computer? Does that application support GPU acceleration?

(2) If your current Chinese Chess application does not support GPU acceleration, are there other such applications that do offer such support? A quick Google search did not come up with anything relevant.

You will likely get better / faster answers in a forum for Chinese Chess enthusiasts. If there is a GPU accelerated version of a Chinese Chess app out there, chances are you are not the first one to give it a try.

Thank you for your answer,
What i know is with GPU , a new chinese chess engine to learn itself in 4 hour to win stockfish 8 with 1500 years of experience programed.
So i chose to buy titian xp and i just wonder if it work?Of course the engine i am using support GPU but i dont know if i am doing the right thing (just install titian xp and install the driver).As what i am reading,there is also CUDA,Deep Learning… which i have no knowledge about this.So if you can support any software to activate it,it will be very great for me.I just wonder if i need to run any program to be stronger with titianxp?

And,about the forum for chinese chess,i tried to put topic there and nobody reply!They may want to keep it for themselves

I am guessing that you may have read about a research project involving an experimental application that uses GPUs and deep learning to provide a stronger playing opponent in Chinese Chess. Unless you can get your hands on that app, it will be of no use to you.

That is probably a good indication that there is no GPU-accelerated Chinese Chess app available publicly anywhere at this time, and adding a GPU to your system won’t help you with playing Chinese Chess.

You could put the GPU to other good uses, such as running Folding@Home, which does have GPU acceleration.

Thank you,
So now is the simple question ,and can you help me ?
For example I play LOL or PUGB ,and now i have titian xp.It will automatically work with these two games when i install the drivers?Or do i need to install anything else more?

I am so sorry for bothering but this is the thing i need most now.My only favorite is chinse chess software.So i hope that you wont get angry to answer my questions.

Best Regards

As for LOL and PUGB just install the drivers.

the Chinese Chess project has a “for non developers” web page

seems one can install a GPU (CUDA) version of the program that’s suitable for playing (playing against itself? my chinese is not good enough)


I buy your Titan XP.