Choleksy Factorizations reached 450x faster

I`ve completed the cholesky factorization of dense matrix with cuda and reached about 450x faster on GTX285.
Now, I publish this program.
cuda_cholesky.rar (3.43 MB)

It’s a wonderful resource, but really hard to douwnload.

This forums has a problem related to attachment and downloading. Sadly,none seems to be looking into it at the momment…

However, looking at the fact that, 77 downloads have already happened – it could mean 2 things:

  1. Downloading stops working after a particular number of downloads

  2. Downloading from a particular GEO (I am in Asia-pacific) is not working (Some mirror not working…)

I cannot download from the U.S. either.

I have no idea what NV moderators are doing… This has been the case for several weeks now… Sigh…

Nether in Europe :wacko:

NV moderators are waiting for some1 in Antartica to complain, I guess…

after three times I achieve to complete the download


The NCB file from Visual studio is a dud file that simply occupies space…

If you remove it, re-zip it and post it, we could download it 450x faster… (I had to download multiple number of times to get this file fully… No idea why I was only getting partial files most of the time…)