Choose location on monitor to render video.


Is there a way to control the location of the video rendered by an NVXIO-based renderer? For example, I am running the Hough Transform demo here:


which uses an NVXIO renderer object to display the video. I looked into ovxio::FrameSource::Parameters, but I can’t find anything that allows me to display the video at a specific location on screen.

Any ideas?



There is no argument to set the window position in the VisionWorks.

NVXIO_EXPORT std::unique_ptr<Render> createWindowRender(vx_context context, const std::string& title, vx_uint32 width, vx_uint32 height,
                                                         vx_uint32 format = VX_DF_IMAGE_RGBX, bool doScale = true,
                                                         bool fullscreen = nvxio::Application::get().getFullScreenFlag());