Choosing an IP camera for use with jetson tx2 dev kit.

I’ve read various resources on this forum as well as the tk1/tx1/tx2 wiki regarding IP cameras. The only definitive information I was able to find was about a FLIR camera that was tested and worked with the TK1 and that GigE version 2 cameras are likely to compress the video.

I’m still wondering if I could use ANY GigE or IP camera with the tx2 dev kit? Some cameras such the FLIR ones have some documentation mentioning use with embedded boards such as the tx1/tx2, so that helps a little in knowing if I could successfully use it with tx2. How about other off-the-shelf IP cameras? What criteria should I be looking at to identify which IP cameras I can use?

Find out which driver is used, see if it is visible in the tX2’s “/proc/config.gz”. Note that if the driver is there but not enabled you can test compile the feature to see if it compiles. Or the camera may already have a driver in place, e.g., the “standard” UVC interface won’t care about special drivers.

Thanks again linuxdev. I do not have a TX2 yet, is there any other way I could do this?

You can still download the kernel source and refer to the “arch/arm64/configs/tegra18_defconfig” file to see configs. This will list default options. If you see the driver you need, then chances are high the device will work (at least from kernel space…you may still have user space programs which are needed). I’ll attach a copy of this config as a text file here.
tegra18_defconfig.txt (13.2 KB)

Hi linuxdev, could you please attach the config file?

I’m checking on why it got marked as a virus, it’s just the file “arch/arm64/configs/tegra18_defconfig” from the R27.1 kernel. With the forum virus scanner marking it as a virus it may be a few days before it gets fixed (and today is a holiday). You can instead get this directly from the kernel source downloaded from here:

From that URL find “Sources”. Unpacking this provides “kernel_src.tbz2”. Unpacking “kernel_src.tbz2” in turn provides the actual kernel source, and within that is the config file I attached (but attach failed due to false positive on virus scanner):