Choosing the right Graphic card?

So here is my dilemma. I’m getting a new host computer for all of this.
Not trying to break the bank, but would like to something that can really do the work.
I have 2 systems in mind. Specs are identical till you get to the graphics card.
1 has a 1070 and the other has a 2060. Do I go for higher memory or for more cores?
I am so torn, so reaching out for some opinions. Anything will help

Hi odiezapha, do you want to do DNN training on your host computer? If so, I would probably go for the GPU card with more memory, because training often takes up a lot of GPU memory. What amounts of VRAM do you have to choose from the two options?

I have a gtx 1050 3gb and often need more memory while training CNNs.
Reducing the batch size can reduce the amount of memory needed, but, the training time increases considerably.

The 1070 has 8GB of vram and the 2060 has 6GB. But the 2060 does have almost double the the cores of the 1070. Seems like either way I want to go. I’ll have what I need. But you know how it is, total kid in a candy store.

I was thinking that was going to be the trade off. The 1070 has 8GB and 2060 has 6GB. Either one is a great card.