Choppy and lagging mouse cursor with nvidia 313.18 on GTX-660

Hello, i switched to a Kepler-based card (GTX660, GK106, multihead setup, 2560x1440 + 1920x1080).
Everything was fine with 310.19 driver, after upgrading the nvidia driver from 310.19 to 313.18 (also tried 313.26, same problems) i have a very choppy and lagging mouse cursor: whenever i hover around something that makes the cursor change glyph (pointer to caret, hourglass, …) it becomes VERY sluggish, lagging, jumping around and losing lot of precision.
Whenever this happens, xorg takes 100% CPU.

After some tries, it looks like the cursor change events gets queued in some way and, if i’m fast enough moving the cursor between says, lines of text, and then stop, i can see the cursor still changing to the queued glyphs for quite some seconds: then, upon finishing this behavior (or emptying the queue…) xorg’s cpu consumption returns normal.

I tried without success to videorecord it, but if needed to comprehend the problem i’ll try again (hopefully begin successfull at it) or just camrecord it.

This happens on arch64:

nvidia 313.18-3
nvidia-utils 313.18-1
lib32-nvidia-utils 313.18-5

I tried that on another machine with arch64, same packages, same versions, but no kepler graphics and this configuration is working flawlessly, so i’m inclined to think there is something going on with kepler at this point.
Rolling back to 310.19 eliminates the problem completely.

I’ll do my best to help nvidia with this, hopefully i’ll be able to solve it, anyone with similar problems with Kepler-based graphics card?

Tested with 313.26, same problem

Tried 313.26, same problems as 313.18.

Performance of rapid cursor image changes should be improved in the upcoming 319.* driver release series.

Nice, thank you much for letting me know Aaron!

This problem still exists on 326.58 beta