Chromatic aberration probelm

our product is box, we had two hdmi out port, one is nvidia soc hdmi out ,another is edp convert to hdmi out.
The two hdmi out port had chromatic aberration probelm when display image.
What should we change?

I am not sure about the issue you are talking about. Do you see similar case if the board is nv devkit?

chromatic aberration.bmp (2.1 MB)

we upload the picture, one is brighter.

Did the soc setup color space when display image?

Hi,is the hdmi out color format the same with the dp out color format? How to setup the color format?

Yes, our display pipeline has lots of conversion and we don’t guarantee the color would be same as the original picture.

You can try to disable the cmu and see if it helps.

echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fb0/device/cmu_enable

The detail about the display pipeline is in the TX1 TRM document.

Hi , after “echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fb0/device/cmu_enable” , did the device need reboot?
we set it and not reboot ,but it didn’t improve.
which API to set the color format in the code?

Toggle it between 1 and 0 and see if any color difference on your monitor. Also, make sure fb0 is the monitor you are using now…

I didn’t find any color difference when toggle 1 and 0, I’m not sure fbx, so I test all fb0,fb1 and fbcon.

Do you have other method to change the color format, we could try it

what is the output color format of hdmi and dp?

Could you give me some help, if we change the color space ,what should we do?