chrome video frames issue - maybe vsync?

Hi guys,

I am using the Jetson Nano as a kiosk. The main user interface is a chrome web site. The site has a big full HD landing video (h.264). The video has a linear horizontally moving animation. There is a very noticable choppiness, or jitter. The hardware acceleration is turned on in chrome. The video is 30 fps. The problem is not frame drop. I have made a video with every frame containing a frame sequence number, and I have made a 240 fps video of the playback. I can see all the frames. The problem is that they aren’t evenly distributed during the playback.

This does not seem to be a video playback problem, rather some kind of rendering synchronization issue. I have tested chrome with the site. Here is a short video:

On the left you can see the jetson nano rendering around 60 - 30 fps, but not exactly 60 - 30 fps. The animation is choppy. On the right you can see your average windows pc rendereing exactly 60 - 30 fps, smooth animation.

Is this a v-sync issue? How can I get chrome to synchronize rendering at the desired frame rate?

On Jetson Nano, we don’t support hardware acceleration in Chrome browser. Please consider to use gstreamer or tegra_multimedia_api.


I understand, but this jitter happens also if I disable hw acceleration for the browser. I can’t see why this is happening. The processor is running at 50% max. I have enabled jetson_clocks, and I am using the device in 10W mode. Again, the frames are rendered, just not evenly.

I can’t use gstreamer for my application.

Hardware acceleration is not supported, so enable/disable actually does not take effect. It always goes to software decoding.

Except gstreamer, you may also check tegra_multimedia_api. It is low-level APIs.