cicc crash when -O flag is specified in Live Variable Analysis phase

Hello Friends,

My code compiles no problem under CUDA 4.2, but with CUDA 5.0 with optimisation enabled, it crashes:

  1. Running pass ‘Live Variable Analysis’ on function ‘@Z11polyfit17x3PdS
    nvcc : error : ‘cicc’ died with status 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION)

My code doesn’t do anything unusual - merely additions and multiplications (attached with crash details), however it is quite long and uses a large number of memory locations.

I have been looking around internet for this for a longer while now. One hint i got is that possibly, old versions (v4.2) of include files are still on path. I have verified that this is not the case for my system.
I have also verified that it compiles OK for -arch sm_10,sm_13 but not for sm_20.

Everything else points into direction a bug in cicc.exe

This is a performance-critical part of my code, i cannot run it with optimizations disabled. Please help.

i am using the following (minimal) command line:

nvcc -O3 -arch sm_35

Windows 7 64 bit, CUDA 5.0 official release

Sorry for the inconvenience. Compiler components should of course not cause access violations or segmentation faults, so this is a bug (in particular since you already checked that there are no header file mismatches).

Please file a bug using the bug reporting form linked from the registered developer website, with a self-contained repro case attached. The compiler team may be able to suggest a workaround once the problem has been analyzed.

Since the CUDA 5.5 release candidate is now available for download from the registered developer website, the fastest way for you to make forward progress may be to try switching to CUDA 5.5 under the assumption that the issue you are running into has already been fixed.

i am not a registered developer, and i guess it takes some convincing to become one. Can someone of the registered developers please submit this as bug report in my name, please?

Becoming a registered developer is quite straight forward. Simply fill in one online form, and you should in most cases receive confirmation within one business day (the process is streamlined these days).

ok, I got into the registered dev program, submitting case . . . .