Cinebench on P40

I would like to see cinebench performance on a P40 card, with 4GB RAM and 3vCPU and different P40 profiles P40-24Q,P40-12Q,P40-8Q,P40-6Q,P40-4Q,P40-3Q,P40-2Q,P40-1Q.

Can someone at Nvidia produce these for me? I’ll be jumping through hoops to get a Dell R740 test server, but this will take me some time and maybe someone has these benchmark numbers?

We’re running K1 here now, with 20 and 30fps on a K120Q and K140Q/160Q profiles.

Sorry, but I don’t do this kind of testing. In addition this really depends on the scheduler you are using and we have 3 different schedulers available for P40.