Cinema 4d support

Are you going to release a livesync for cinema 4d?

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Hi @slckyldr27! Yes, Cinema 4d is on the development schedule! I don’t know what the expected release date will be.

I would love to hear if there is any updates on this.

Hi @nickjito! We do have it on our development schedule, but I don’t have dates. I reached out to our Connector Lead for more up-to-date information and I will post back here when I hear back.

To my Community Friends, if this is an application that you want to see on Omniverse, let us know!

@nickjito Good news! The latest update from the Development team is that we are actively working on a Cinema 4D connector. So keep your eyes peeled for this very soon!


@WendyGram Thanks for the great update! I can’t imagine an other application having higher priority than C4D ;)


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I joined the community today because if my interest in the C4D connecter. Just downloaded Omniverse today, and couldn’t find anything about c4D… look forward to update soon ;)

Very necessary! Cinema4D has a large user base for making motiongraphics, and Omniverse’s real-time Path tracer can solve a lot of rendering pain. Looking forward to seamlessly integrating Cinema4D’s powerful motion graphics module into the Omniverse.
p.s. Also, do you know about X-particles? A bit like the role of Tyflow in 3DMAX, it can create complex particle, smoke, volume, and cloth interactions, but it is not real-time. If OMNIVERSE’s FLOW can have the ease of use of X-particles in the future, I believe there will be a large number of 3D artists come to use!

Hope to achieve these effects in this video in Omniverse in the future, it will be popular on social media.

Would thoroughly enjoy C4D support. Although Maya is a standard, it’s sort of like the Avid Protools (audio mixing) of 3D graphics. Old, clunky, and has a way of doing things that can’t be changed because too many big studios use it.

Omniverse, and for that matter, Unreal, are all about making things easier and more fluid. I think C4D really fits in well to omniverse. Hopefully it is added soon.

@WendyGram Does omniverse now support C4D?
Thank you.

Hi, i would love to know how is the development of the Cinema 4D connector going. Any advance? Thanks.

Hi @WendyGram
Is there any update about C4D?
I can’t find the beta download link.
Thank you.

Hey all! I do not have any new information on the C4D connector. It is on our development plan, but I do not see any dates posted for it yet. Several people on our team use C4D, so this definitely an something we want to make available as soon as possible.


Thanks for the update. Would love to see it happen

hoping for c4D connector soon! will really complete the toolbox and make sense if omniverse has blender, maya, 3ds max, substance painter and unreal engine 😁

Just wanted to pipe in and say C4D support would be greatly appreciated.

Hi guys, is there any ETA for C4D connection plugin ? Cheers, Lev

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I really REALLY hope this is not D.O.A. ?!

Hi all - here’s the official update:

We are working closely with Maxon in the development of an enhanced Maxon/Omniverse USD workflow including live connectivity with Cinema 4D and Redshift. At this time we are not able to provide a firm timeframe, but we are excited that the community is enthusiastic in seeing this development come to life. We’ll share more as soon as we can.

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