Cinnamon crashes after updating Nvidia driver to 367.57 (Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon)


After upgrading my Nvidia driver to 367.57 on Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon started to crash right after login. The problem disappeared after switching to Xorg drivers.

To make sure that the problem is related to Nvidia driver I re-enabled Nvidia 367.57 and the crash came back.

I generated a bug report and posted it at

Same problem here, I also had to switch to Xorg (Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon).

I have opened (and later closed) an issue on Cinnamon’s github:

There are a few recommendations there, which didn’t work for me but you might give them a try.

Thanks! First I tried to fix the problem using the solution barisumog gave in his post, but it didn’t work for me. Than I saw TassosD’s post. I switched again to the Nvidia driver, opened Nvidia Prime Settings and saw that Nvidia was selected. I selected the Intel card and Cinnnamon started normally after reboot. Since I most of the time use the Intel card, I’ll stick to this solution. Thanks for putting the issue on GitHub and copying the link here! :)

Also featuring on:

FYI, the solution suggested by @clefebvre at resolved the issue for me. You might give it a try too if you’re still experiencing problems.

After the last kernel update (4.4.0-47), which happened two days ago, I switched the cards again and Cinnamon started normally with Nvidia as well. I saw before users’ comments about GPU issues regarding kernel versions, so I supposed that the newest update had to do something with graphics too (maybe your communication with Clem also helped). I’m glad that you fixed your card issues! Many thanks for cooperation, cheers! :)