Cipher cracking of Keeloq using Jetson Nano (CUDA)

Hi Everyone!

I am new to applications with jetson nano. I am writing an article for my university, on the security of Keeloq encryption. So i bought a jetson nano to try to implement an algorithm to search for keeloq keys.
I know I can use the jetson nano with CUDA’s features to do this very well.
Where do I start, can I do this for the Jetson Nano itself, or do I need an desktop PC?

hi l.miguel:
after you installed , you could find sample code about CUDA:

guide about these code :

Hi Jeffli.

Sorry, i dont know if understood rigth. The SAMPLES cuda in /usr/local/cuda/samples/, alreary has exemple about Keeloq?.

hi l.miguel:
no Keeloq in these samples, these CUDA code means a good start of CUDA program for you learning how to code CUDA, they are just generic algorithm for image and so on