To celebrate the machinima update today, I made my first Showcase clip.
I hope you find this inspirational. Circus assets + smaller objects are from UE marketplace, rest are Nvidias samples.

Rendered with RTX real-time, in 10 min.

Well in fact this is a blend of 2 render passes, on without the Bloom post efx.
The closeup candles blowed the bloom badly… But who cares!?
I made a separete topic of that funny issue.


Super creepy, I love it!

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Thanks Dane! I continue with it some day, adding more shots and Crow with better animations.

Wow. Just amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

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We love seeing the great work you’re doing! Thank you for sharing!

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Here is an updates to this Circus. I managed to use Bloom effect on candles without blown out exposure at close distance, no now this is all with one render.

Further tweaking of these kind of long camera shots´s really need the camera target tool and better, seamless flow from keyframe to another… So I wait for the next Machinima update.

Path-traced stills:

Oh yeah this is creepy haha!

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