Citrix Remote PC + HDX 3D Pro


We want to provide our users with Remote Access via Citrix so will be installing the VDA + HDX 3d PRO on user’s cubicle machines. Most of our machines have NVIDIA k2200, k2000 or NVS 310. There is a big difference between the Ks and the NVS. Would you install VDA with HDX 3D Pro on all cards or should I install regular VDA on NVS? Also looking at the P1000 and P2000 but wanted your advice if you have experience with Remote PC + HDX 3d pro and please share any links


Hi mostro,

what you are doing has nothing to do with virtual GPU. This is just a Citrix remoting on a physical workstation. For sure there is a big difference between Quadro and NVS.
BTW there is no HDX3D Pro installer any more in the latest VDAs from Citrix so not sure which response you are expecting. The question is more or less what you want to achieve and which applications you are running so you should use the one or the other remoting protocol.
Without having more details you won’t get a useful response.