Citrix (session host) nvidia Consulting

Good morning all,


  • Vmware (5 Esxi hosts)
  • Host: 2 Cpu (14C) / 384Ram (Lenovo SR630)
  • Virtual Apps 1912 CU1
  • Windows 2016
  • 400-500 Users (in Desktop mode)
  • 25 Xenapps VMs (6-8 vcpu /24 giga ram
  • Screen 1 ou 2 / Users

Our use is Microsoft Office / (many applications) browser (IE / Google chrome / Firefox), MS Teams, Business application (use only CPU) and video (training, youtube)

I’d would like to add graphics cards to my ESX hosts for my Citrix VMs for more performance.

In terms of the configuration between Vmware and the GPU, what should be taken into account?
In the study we would have gone on a Tesla T4 16giga Gpu per server / host.

How works the sharing (at Vmware level) of the graphics card between my citrix vm?

In addition to the GPU, there is the license. Could you explain to me how it works?