Citrix VDI - Grey Screen at logon

Hey @MrGRID,

Thank you for your always prompt and wise responses.

Actually I have used that tool among others (Remote Display Analyzer and GPUPerf3), great for sizing and troubleshooting.

Would you enable Hardware Graphics Acceleration on VDIs with vGPUs on apps such as browsers, PDF and MS Office apps?

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Regardless of the workload, any VM that’s running Windows 10 should ideally have a GPU attached for the best experience. The specific type of GPU depends on the workload. There are some Customers who refuse to add GPU acceleration to their deployments due to various reasons (which are nearly all associated with Cost), however it’s been proven many times that the best user experience is delivered when a GPU is present in the System.

Having access to a GPU also provides more than just graphics, it also offloads the session encoding from the CPU to the dedicated encoders on the GPU, again improving the experience.

Everything you’ve listed supports GPU acceleration. Browsers, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat and obviously Windows 10. Yes, you should be using a GPU on your VMs for the best experience with Hardware Acceleration enabled in all of those Apps.




I couldn’t agree more, specially on Windows 10 the user experience is way better when vGPUs are assigned to VDIs.

Thank you for your suggestions, I am enabling Hardware Acceleration on all the apps that support it.



The CtxGfx.exe memory leak was resolved with a private fix (TwEncode.dll) provided by Citrix.

It works wonder with both, CVDA 1912 and CVDA 1912 CU1.

Thank you for all your help and support.


That’s great news! Glad you were able to get it resolved! That should make the environment easier to manage and work with.

You’re welcome, glad what we discussed was useful :-)