Clara Deployment - Error: OWNER%!D(MISSING)TILLER: dial tcp i/o timeout

After SDK indtalaltion , helm ls is giving an error
2020-12-02 05:29:11 [INFO]: Clara Deploy SDK Prerequisites installed successfully!
:~/bootstrap# helm ls
Error: Get!D(MISSING)TILLER: dial tcp i/o timeout

OS- Ubuntu 18
Clara bootstrap - with helm 2.15

Can we fix this issue?

Hi Deva1,

Thanks for your interest in Clara Deploy.

Can you share the output of the bootstrap script? I would like to confirm that all steps completed successfully.

Will you also share the output of kubectl get pods -A?


Hi Kris,

Thanks a lot for your response.

PFA boot file o/p .

Look forward.


bootstrap-install.txt (27.4 KB)

Hi Deva,

The kubectl get pods -A output shows one of the coredns pods with an error state. The coredns pods should be redundant for HA, but this indicates some problem with networking. Was there a previous k8s cluster on this machine? If so, there may be some stale iptables rules that are interfering. You can flush them as described in this post:

If not, we need to look into the current cluster state. Will you provide the output of the following:
kubectl describe pod <failing coredns pod name>
kubectl logs <failing coredns pod name>
kubectl get ep -A
kubectl get svc -A