Clara liver tumor pipeline execution error


I am trying to execute the below command given in the documentation for executing the pipeline,
storescu -v +sd +r -xb -aet “LUNAET” -aec “LiverSeg” 34.###.##.#6 104 ./


Is it syntax error or do I need to change any parameter?
Can anyone please help me with this??


Thanks for your interest in Clara Deploy.

It looks like the command in your terminal output contains extra arguments compared to the documentation:
. dcmfile-in

Assuming you have created the LUNAET aetitle and associated it with a valid pipeline, the storescu command above your terminal output should work. This assumes the dcm files are in your current working directory with the final ./ argument. If the dcm files are in another directory, just replace ./ with /path/to/dcm/dir.

Hope this helps,