Clara-parabricks:4.3.1 "received signal 11" error when using mutectcaller with --mutect-alleles --force-call-filtered-alleles with certain VCFs

when running mutectcaller with --mutect-alleles i received the following error
[PB Error 2024-Jun-27 15:59:56][-unknown-:0] Received signal: 11
I then did a binary search and got the first line the causes the error: line 1487.

The following were checked and and they produced the signal 11 error:
running all snps past line 1488
running everything but the snp on line 1487
running snps from line 2487-3487
running snps to line 1486 + line 1488

the following did not create an error
running just the snp from 1487
running snps from line 3487-4487
running snps to line 1486 + line 2487
a separate VCF with 25k lines
25k VCF + line 1487 from the original

so, i am not quite sure what is causing, its not anything specific to a line, such as formatting, contig, position, or variant, because lines that cause errors in one context don’t in others. its not amount of lines because larger VCFs work just fine even with lines that cause errors.

can’t check with older versions of parabricks because 4.3 is the first version that has those options.

any help with this error would be appreciated.