Clara platform start is not working

I’m a student who wants to try Clara deploy.

I can do clara pull platform, but I can’t clara platform start!

The error is “Error: could not find tiller”


  1. I’ve been thinking about the reason, and it feels like the “tiller” isn’t being created.
    kubectl -n kube-system get po → There is no tiller there.
    and coredns-5c98db65d4-h9r4d is pending

  2. kubectl get pods is nothing too.

  3. kubectl version is 1.15.4(client) 1.15.12(server)

  4. We also have over 30 gigabytes left. (88%)

How can I get out of this situation?

Thanks for your interest in Clara Deploy.

Helm v2 was recently deprecated, and it is now necessary to provide the repository location when running helm init. It is possible that your bootstrap scripts do not have this argument.

Try reinitializing helm with the following:
helm init --stable-repo-url --service-account tiller --upgrade


Thank you for your feedback.

But I found the cause of the error, but I don’t know the solution.

When I turn the file,
The error appear as follows:

and coredns always pending

How can I get out of this situation?

I solved this problem.
The cause was a capacity problem, and I thought it would only take 30 GB, but I had to have about 88 GB to confirm that the bootstrap would work.