Clara_pt_pancreas_and_tumor_ct_segmentation error

Hi, got the question.
I use API to call {clara_pt_pancreas_and_tumor_ct_segmentation}, but API message show {Model clara_pt_pancreas_and_tumor_ct_segmentation\xe2\x80\x8b not found.}.
Could tell me, why this model’s name add {\xe2\x80\x8b} on sentence tail?

Thanks for your interest in Clara Train SDK.
Could you clarify which API are you referring to ? are you using clara train V4 or V3.1. Also may be expand on what are you trying to do.

I use Clara Train SDK V4.
When I use this model, I post Nifti file in to container and server give me this message{Model clara_pt_pancreas_and_tumor_ct_segmentation\xe2\x80\x8b not found}.
By the way, I success load this model from NGC.

Thanks for using V4. I am still not clear what API/ command you are refereing to. I am guessing here you are using AIAA workflow?
if so please use the new cli commands as

AIAA start/stop/load etc

you can get status by

AIAA status

this will check on the AIAA server and tell you how many models are loaded. you could then do

AIAA list 

to get all models

please follow along the notebooks for AIAA at clara-train-examples/PyTorch/NoteBooks/AIAA at master · NVIDIA/clara-train-examples · GitHub